Renegade LA + Boyle Heights

Renegade LA Craft Fair in support of Genevieve of Le Petit Elefant and Victoria of Paper & Type.

Eri’s Pottery

Eta + Billie Soaps

Red Bean Drink at Pho 87 in Chinatown.

Biked out to Boyle Heights to scout out some destinations for a future walking tour that is in the works.  Headed over via 1st St. bridge over the LA River.

Mariachi Plaza

Hollenbeck Park

One of my favorite places in the city.  Particularly for the bizarre intersection of the 5 freeway overpass and the lake.

Boyle Height’s Police Station

Breed Street Shul.  It was the largest orthodox Synagogue in western United States before the Jewish community moved to west LA.

El Corrido de Boyle Heights Mural by East Los Streetscapers @ Soto & Cesar Chavez

Evergreen Cemetery.  The city’s oldest cemetery.

Manuel’s El Tepeyac

Hollenbeck Burrito.  

King Taco.

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    Wow, it’s been years since I have seen those places. Great job in capturing their beauty.
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    I feel the need to go out to Boyle Heights now. It’s only 15 mins. away.
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