cicLAvia V, Nat’s Birthday, Culture Collide

CicLAvia V.  This year, my parents came into town to partake in the festivities.  And since neither of them have bikes, I decided to walk the majority of the route with them.  But first, a ride to Boyle Heights with the Bodacious Bike Babes.

The Mayor’s press conference.


Kelly and Andrea of BBB on the 4th St. Bridge.

Mariachi Plaza

I then took the Gold Line to Union Station to pick up my parents, who took the Metrolink in to Los Angeles from Orange County.

First stop, the 5th Annual Feria de Los Moles Festival at the Olvera Street.

On the 101, before a photo.

Amy Kim and Ryan Upton!


My parents and I, after walking from Union Station, down Spring, then west on 7th, ended up meeting up for walkLAvia with Los Angeles Walks.  We walked from 8th and Figueroa all the way to the terminus at Exposition Park.

Figueroa and the 10 Freeway!

AAA on Figueroa

Exposition Park.  I bought my parents a bacon-wrapped hot dog here.  They liked it.

After the 5 mile walk, my parents requested ramen.  So we took the Expo Line to the Red Line, and exited Civic Center at the Grand Park where they are re-constructing the exit plaza.  Then walked to Little Tokyo for my favorite ramen place, Koraku!

My dad loves the Popeye Ramen at Koraku.  He had two bowls.

After seeing my parents off on their Metrolink train back to Orange County, I headed to the LA State Historic Park for Nat’s birthday party!

Gretchen’s bike can hold 30 beers!


Grilled Cheese Cart, on the back of a bike.

Happy Birthday Nat.

Cyclocross Race Course at the LA State Historic Park.


Cat’s handle bar air plant.

Gas-free day! Everyday!

Alexis on Sunset Blvd.!  We biked from the LA State Historic park in Chinatown to the free Culture Collide block party in Echo Park.


Bodacious Bike Babes dance party in the beer garden!

Ending the night at the El Flamin Taco Truck.  Epic day.  I love LA.


Jackie Dunbar’s Birthday

sweet potato biscuits.

candied bacon.

ventured downtown with mom and dad to watch a Tap Dance recital in little tokyo.  My mom is an amateur tap dancer; been doing it 7 years. 

afterwards, the three of us went to Koraku for Ramen.  My dad had 2 bowls.

got back to Jackie’s, where a dancing frenzy had erupted.


nikos’ birthday, honda-ya, little tokyo

nikos turned 23!!  so he invited all of us out to eat at Honda-Ya in little tokyo mall.  Japanese tapas, we sat in the party room, on mats, with beer.  I was told “Japanese Tapas”.  and that everyone would share their food.  which was good, since i only ordered one dish, Miso Eggplant.  delicious, but only enough to feed a small human being.  needed to order more.  everyone else compensated though with fried squid, potato soup, tempura, etc.

steph ate a whole clump of wasabi.  no, 2 whole clumps.  to prove that she can eat it.  this is also the last photo of my reusable chopsticks, which i subsequently left at the restaurant.  they will be missed.


harvest day, little tokyo with kevin

11-day old pea microgreens, for harvest. yum.

after interviewing 6 interns for M&A, i biked with kevin biggers down to little tokyo to get cheap sushi, Zencu.  yes, kevin got a bike!  i suppose the draw of the restaurant, which i’ve never heard of before, is the $2.50 beers.  it’s located IN the little tokyo mall, second floor.  never knew.  megan came with her friend Eric who was moving to NY, and Germain brought Clay, who i’ve met before but never talked to.  inside was packed with USC frat pledges.  fun.  sushi and beer ended up being sub-par, and they accidentally gave us 3 raw-egg shooters, which none of us wanted.  after dinner, i was still extremely hungry. so kevin and i went over to koraku to satiate our hunger.  it was packed, so we sat at the counter.  i like the counter.  i also like the red ginger.   i had a bowl of ramen, and shared a pork fried rice with kevin.  this time i got kirin on tap, and it was surprisingly one of the most flavorful cups of beer i’ve ever had.  kirin?  koraku never lets us down.