So Long, Farewell _ Manzanita

After more than 2 years of inhabiting the white house on top of the hill at Sunset Junction, Amy, Rachel, Stephanie, and Nikos are moving on.  Plus, the house was starting to shift, walls were cracking, and plumbing clogging up.  So it was about time.

The house has acted as the center and nucleus for the group.  Whether it was going over to do work on my laptop, or hosting a dinner party in the dining room, Manzanita was both a place and space for cultivating our community of like-minded, pleasant people.  

The house sits on the top of a hill off of Manzanita by Bhulan, and the front door with its colonnade portico is reached by a long flight of stairs.  You enter the house into a long “front-of-house” space, which features a generous living and dining room, both of which are furnished with overly welcoming couches, picnic-like dining table with a bench, and dance-floor area.  The kitchen, the heart of this house, is autonomous on its own with a breakfast nook area and access to the backyard and into Rachel’s bedroom.  The backyard has its own studio free-standing structure, grape covered trellis, and hammock.  And with all these elements, and the correct mix of characters to inhabit it, the Manzanita House was an obvious place for gathering.  It will be missed.


Rachel’s Klein’s Birthday

Celebrated Rachel’s birthday with a traditional food-centric gathering at the Manzanita House.  On the menu: Apple Cider Donuts, Pork Chili, Cornbread, Nutella Bacon Rice Krispies, Potato Gratin, Cabbage Salad, Bacon Brussels Sprouts & Asparagus, and Bacon Baked Beans.

Leaning tower of cornbread.

Glazed Donut by Amy Kim.

Flowers from Silver Lake Farms.

My favorite, w/ Victoria.


Roasted Chicken Dinner

I bought a whole chicken through Silver Lake Farms CSA.  The chicken was from New Frontier Family Farm out in Chino, and was sustainably and organically raised.  Having never cooked a whole chicken before, I thought this was a perfect piece of meat to start with.  I implored the help of the girls from the Manzanita house to help me out.

Rachel collected some sage, thyme, and rosemary from her yard.  With the herbs, onions, lemons, and garlic, we stuffed the chicken and roasted it.

Amy carved up the chicken.  I got the wishbone.

Arugula Beet Salad, Roasted Potatoes, and Graham on the side.


backwards beekeepers @ farmlab, altadena urban farmer’s market, dinner

backwards beekeepers meeting at farmlab under the spring street bridge.  amazing space.

altadena urban farmer’s market at zane grey estate.  soup!



I paid for stuff with Time Dollars!  $6 Fresh Orange Juice = $1 + 1 Time Dollar.

$3 Mustard Soup = $1 + 1/2 Time Dollar.

Joint house dinner at Manzanita with Avishay’s crew.


Justice’s Birthday

Jill & Co. threw a birthday party for hubby, Justice. Kids’ games were abound.  Like 13!


Marchan’s Birthday

Silver Lake Spice Station.  A nice lady named Christie helped me buy some Cumin.

Steph Marchan’s bday party at Manzanita.  Complete with fried corn nuts…

and popcorn…

to put on your ceviche.

kevin failed.  but his porkchops w/ bacon were amazing.