costume construction,eggplant parmesan dinner

Spent the day figuring out how Marcel the Shell would be built.  For dinner, walked over to Kevin’s for dinner.  After joining the CSA for the sole prospect of getting eggplants, Kevin was disappointed after 10 weeks of no eggplant.  Finally, on the 12th week, Kevin got 2 eggplants.  He had us over for dinner to showcase his mom’s recipe for her eggplant parmesan, noted as kevin’s favorite dish EVER.  I prepared pasta, rachel made bok choy, gen made garlic bread, and victo made fried rice.

More photos of the day via Genevieve Santos.


Jackie Dunbar’s Birthday

sweet potato biscuits.

candied bacon.

ventured downtown with mom and dad to watch a Tap Dance recital in little tokyo.  My mom is an amateur tap dancer; been doing it 7 years. 

afterwards, the three of us went to Koraku for Ramen.  My dad had 2 bowls.

got back to Jackie’s, where a dancing frenzy had erupted.


mai, csa, manzanita dinner party

bacon, egg, cheese croissant, veggie samich, and carrot orange fresh squeezed juice w/ mai at Cafe Tropical

csa pick-up from silver lake farms!

rainbow chard, dandelion greens, bunch of carrots, bunch of mixed herbs, bunch of cilantro, head of romaine lettuce, oranges, garlic chives, arugula, basil, japanese turnips, Ambrosia melon, eggplant, brandywine heirloom tomato, bi-color corn,


echo park farmers market.  farmer john from sweredoski farms.

the usual bunch at manzanita.

bacon-wrapped figs. 3-layer quesadillas.  roasted potato w/ garlic chives mayo, fig cupcakes, mango shrimp, olive lemon crisps,

exhibit #1: rachel’s fro

above b&w photos by jon rogers via my camera