Bodacious Bike Babes _ Union Station -> Barnsdall Art Park

Good Buddies Andrea Denike Martinez and Nat Gale, led the Bodacious Bike Babes ride from Union Station to a picnic at the Barnsdall Art Park in East Hollywood.  And in true BBB fashion, they led us through a non-direct route.  Adventure!

First Leg _ Los Angeles Union Station, Downtown LA -> Aardvark Letterpress, Westlake _ 3.9 miles.  LA’s oldest letterpress!

Second Leg -> 9th and Serrano, Koreatown _ 1.8 miles.

Third Leg -> Scoops on Heliotrope, East Hollywood _ 3.1 miles. 

Palm trees.

Unfortunately, Scoops was closed.  On a Sunday.  On a day where temperatures were 102 the day before.  So we went to get ice cream near Barnsdall Art Park.

Final Leg -> Barnsdall Art Park, East Hollywood _ 1.3 miles.

We were planning on going to Rite-Aid, but stopped at Edgemont and Hollywood Blvd. when we saw a sign that read “Donut Factor, Croissants & Ice Cream”.  They even gave Buddah some donut lovin’.

Finishing the 10.1 bike ride with a sunset at one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles.  I love LA.


Clocks @ LACMA, Donuts @ ForYourArtLA

Biked down to LACMA with Kevin Biggers at 10:30pm in hopes of catching the  midnight passage of Christian Marclay’s 24 movie The Clock.  ”It is in effect a clock, but it is made of a 24-hour montage of thousands of time-related scenes from movies and some TV shows, meticulously edited to be shown in “real time”: each scene contains an indication of time (for instance, a timepiece, or a piece of dialogue) that is synchronized to show the actual time.”

Unfortunately, we didn’t arrive until 11:15pm, and by then, the line was all the way onto Wilshire Blvd.  We were still standing in line when midnight struck.  Within 5 minutes there was a large exodus of spectators.  So we stayed and caught the passing of 1am.  Needless, we got a lot of scenes from horror movies, bedside nightstand clocks, late night phone calls, etc.  What a treat.  I was in a trance watching the movie.  I highly recommend it to all those who are as deficient of attention as I am.

Around 1:15am, Kevin, Avishay, Marya, Tommy and I walked over to ForYourArt's new LA gallery space for Around the Clock: 24 Hour Donut City, “a 24-hour pop up donut shop, giving away donuts from LA's best known donut shops.  Donut and Clock: two round but seemingly unrelated objects that will be synchronized for this 24-hour event.”

They quickly ran out.  I only ate half a donut.