New Year’s Eve 2012


Countdown at Kevin & Tyler’s in Los Feliz.





Post-countown at Nat’s in Koreatown.




king’s hawaiian

Genevieve and Kevin took Victoria and I out to dinner for our birthdays to King’s Hawaiian Restaurant (yes, like the bread) in Torrance.  But the entire block was shut due to a water main break.  Pity.  So then we drove to Hof’s Hut.  But fought the temptation and instead went to an okonomiyaki japanese restaurant.

How to make okonomiyaki.



The Gas Lite after watching Somewhere at Estefania’s.


Gold Panda - You


Perfect song to go with the perfect day.  Spent 4 hours at beautiful Bellevue Park with Kevin and Genevieve.  Complete euphoria.  Unguarded hilarity.


costume construction,eggplant parmesan dinner

Spent the day figuring out how Marcel the Shell would be built.  For dinner, walked over to Kevin’s for dinner.  After joining the CSA for the sole prospect of getting eggplants, Kevin was disappointed after 10 weeks of no eggplant.  Finally, on the 12th week, Kevin got 2 eggplants.  He had us over for dinner to showcase his mom’s recipe for her eggplant parmesan, noted as kevin’s favorite dish EVER.  I prepared pasta, rachel made bok choy, gen made garlic bread, and victo made fried rice.

More photos of the day via Genevieve Santos.


ordinary monday in LA

backtrack…  2 weeks ago.

like any other monday, went over to cha cha lounge for $2.50 margaritas, fooze ball, and photo booth.  an like any other monday, rachel was viscious / competitive about winning fooze ball.  poor victo and germaine.  genevieve and jamie were there too.

(via genevieve)

we stayed till last call.  this was also the beginning of the heat wave in LA: 113 degrees!  So naturally, Jamie called out “does anyone have a pool?”  At which time 2 girls who Jamie had met earlier in the evening said “yes, this guy is taking us to a pool”.  this “guy” ended up being kirby.  kirby assured us that we had the privilege of using a pool in a house he was staying at in the hollywood hills.  upon further inspection, it turns out kirby is the synth player for sebastien tellier, who happened to be in town on tour.  and away we went on an adventure!

(via genevieve)

long story short, one of the most memorable nights of my life in LA.  Gen and I said, at least 10 times that night, “i wish kevin bigggers was here.”  Germain, according to gen, passed out from the shock of it all.  got home at 4am.

(via genevieve)

backtrack….  the SATURDAY before,

spent the day at M&A, building this:

went to megan’s for a nice bbq.  followed by chinatown with jamie, kevin, rachel to see paper and type and le petit elefant at the craft show! 

(via paper and type)

had a vietnamese iced coffe at via, learned they are expanding to Silver Lake!  Later, Kevin and I biked to watch Kisses a new venue in Echo Park i’ve never heard of.  Bootleg Theater.  cool venue, but the act was OK.  needed to be a bit more energetic, considering the sound is, as kevin puts it, “jens lekman but disco”.

backtrack again…  FRIDAY

went to El Cid for Vice Party.  This time, it was free tequila, dangerous.  the musical acts apparently all had to deal with mad decent, so we found out that the special guest was Diplo.  Upon one of our entourages back to the dance floor, rachel’s nose poked out my contact, which was fine since vision is not a prerequisite to dancing well in a hot, dark, sweaty space next to diplo on stage.  evening ended with a sing along of sorts in steph’s back shack.


pho citi

kevin_talks to rachel on the phone
victo_waits for her food
victo_steals my food
kevin_gets off the phone
victo_gets her food. it is pork.

kevin_gets some napkins to clean up his spilled broth
victo_waits for kevin, to try some of his broth
kevin_arrives back at the table, wipes up his broth
victo_switches her pork for his broth
victo_slurps up the broth
kevin_cuts the pork


brunch with kevin gen, popo’s 90th bday, bellevue

went over for brunch at kevin’s house with genevieve.  her aunt gave her some mad philipino food.  stuffed eggplant, with a fried egg.  gen and I were afforded a behind-the-scenes look into the making of a “stupid breakfast with kevin biggers” video blog.  production is quite extensive.  you can check it out here.  I then repotted some succulents on kevin’s patio.  one of my favorite things to do.

kevin brought out the brown sugar bacon and sea salt caramel ice cream from pazzo gelato.  and then he licked the container to mark his territory, make sure nobody would steal his decadent ice cream.

and then i biked to M&A for a meeting with christopher about a membership drive.  very interesting.  i think we want to take the drive in a non-traditional direction.  and more of a co-op.  thinking about it.  then i hopped on the gold line to monterey park with my bikey.  went to celebrate my grandma’s 90th bday!

the cake was large. and had taro in the middle.  between 2 layers of flakes, and 4 layers of cake.

for her birthday, popo gave us all red envelopes. 

we then ate a massive mountain of date buns

it was a special evening since the day before, my cousin in SF had JUST given birth to my grandma’s 2nd great-grand-daughter, on her birthday.  popo also acknowledged that this would probably be the last time that she visited America. 

went to victoria’s house afterwards, where her roommates were throwing a heck of a party. complete with a door-mate sized birthday cake.  which was from an asian bakery. how did i know?  because they spelled BITHDAY, and had to sneak in an “R”.  good cake though.

the kids played indoors.