Series Studies _ Hollywood, CA


Artists Amanda and Agnes created a performance experiment called Series Studies, exploring color.  Through the Time Bank, they put out a call for anyone to contribute a yellow space and something red, shared by two strangers.

Buddy Cat Campion answered the call by contributing her bright and sunny yellow apartment in Hollywood.  Lee Conger, separately, offered to contribute his red energy in the form of Qigong.  Then the artists invited strangers to come be the participatory audience, requesting that everyone wear red or yellow.  

The following “performance” was quite interesting, which included a skype call with a Qigong instructor in Austin, Texas named Brian Wilson.


Bike Workshop @ Sunset Triangle Plaza

As part of the Echo Park Time Bank's Fun & Games Committee, I helped to plan the latest Saturday Social.  With CicLAvia coming up the following day, I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a small bike workshop to get people (and their bikes) ready for the big day, while also socializing.

It was suggested that we should hold the social at the new Sunset Triangle Plaza in Silver Lake.  The plaza was originally the tail end of the two-lane vehicular Griffith Park Blvd as it curved into Sunset Blvd, usually posing a threat between cyclists, pedestrians, and cars.  But with some green paint, big planters, chairs, tables, and umbrellas, the city through the Streets for People program has created a car-free zone for this small stretch of streets which serves a local coffee shop and vegan cafe, as well as the previously underutilized Triangle Park, which was essentially a glorified traffic island with a fountain on it.

Since its opening in March, the plaza has been getting a lot of positive - and negative - attention in the media and by community members.  One thing people noticed was that it wasn’t being fully utilized.  Most of the time, the plaza was empty.  So we decided to hold our Saturday Social there, as a way to activate - and occupy - the space.  


silver lake evening

The Echo Park Time Bank Social at the Silver Lake Meadow.  Kristy sporting her newly bought matching suit from CVS.

Ms. Autumn Rooney, one of the founders of the Echo Park Time Bank.

Winter party at Silver Lake Farms with the smoker.  We actually used the smoker.  


echo park community parade

Doug Tiano had an amazing idea for an Echo Park Time Bank & Bicycle Kitchen float for the annual Echo Park Holiday Community Parade.

Recycled cardboard, painted on one side with cars, smog, traffic, general unpleasantry.

The other side, painted with rivers, flowers, corn, flowers, clouds, happiness, love.

We took over Sunset Blvd.  So great to have the roads to ourselves.


echo park time bank potluck @ homegirl cafe

The Echo Park Time Bank monthly member potluck was held at our newest community member organization - Homegirl Café.  They’ve built a beautiful garden in the back parking lot in Downtown LA, where they hope to grow 30% of their veggies/fruits and herbs from the garden!

Time Bank VIP member, Doug Tiano, showed off his clams from the Children’s Puppet Theater Show Seas of Science.

Meredith Hackleman and her toasted squashes.


Walks With Richard : Boyle Heights

Helped plan a walk through Boyle Heights with the Echo Park Time Bank’s veteran member and resident LA tour guide: Richard Holguin.  The walks are less about sight-seeing and more about learning the stories and memories behind the places from a long-time resident.

Starting Point: Mariachi Plaza Gold Line Station
End Point: Indiana Gold Line Station
4 miles

Mariachi Plaza -> N. on Boyle Ave. -> R Bridge Street -> Proyecto Jardin

Proyecto Jardin Community Garden
1718 Bridge St.
Medicinal community garden started in 1999 in connection with the neighboring White Memorial Medical Center.

L Cesar Chavez Ave.

R Chicago St. -> R 1st St. -> LAPD Station

LAPD Station

L 1st St. -> L Breed Street -> Breed Street Shul

Breed Street Shul
247 N. Breed St.
It was the largest orthodox Synagogue in western United States before the Jewish community moved to west LA.  1923 - 1996 (abandoned)

R. Cesar Chavez Ave. -> Soto St.

El Corrido de Boyle Heights Mural
by East Los Streetscapers @ Soto & Cesar Chavez
1984 Acrylic on Stucco 17’ x 80’

Cesar Chavez Ave. Street Scenes  This section of the street used to be called Brooklyn Ave, due to the large population of Jewish emigrants from New York.  

R Evergreen Ave. -> Evergreen Cemetary

Evergreen Memorial Park & Crematorium
The city’s oldest cemetery, 1877

We wandered into the cemetery, which looks quite uninviting from the other side of the chain-linked fence.  However, once you walk onto the grounds, and start looking at some gravestones, you start finding some real gems.  Such as….

The Pacific Coast Showmen’s Association. This section was founded and dedicated by the Circus and Carnival troupe in 1922, for their members and spouses.  AKA Carnies.

Chinese Shrine.  Prior to 1922, most cemeteries banned Chinese from being buried, except in the Potter’s fields.  During the construction of the Gold Line south of the cemetery, construction workers uncovered the skeletal remains of 174 Chinese, which are now buried in this portion of the cemetery. 

L 1st St. -> El Mercado de Los Angeles

El Mercado de Los Angeles.  It’s a huge maze of a building, 2-stories, with restaurants, markets, and fake Hello Kitty backpacks.

Richard’s walking shoes.  He got them at Big 5, and recommended that we all get a pair, since they’re on sale right now too.  

True Tree-lined Streets.

The most rewarding part of this walk was sensing and seeing the excitement that Richard had in sharing his neighborhood, culture, and history with some eager ears.  Walks with Richard II: Downtown LA.  Coming in the Fall.


echo lake & cartography

Echo Park Time Bank Social at the soon-to-be-closed Echo Lake.  

Pendersleigh & Sons Cartography Exhibit at 1650 Gallery in Echo Park.

Eric creates some very casual, yet informative hand-drawn maps of different neighborhoods and cities in Southern California.  I recently went on a field trip through my hometown of Tustin with him.  Sadly, the Tustin map was missing from the exhibit.  But in all honesty, no big loss.

Great interview with the Eastsider.

Hyperion & Del Mar _ Silver Lake

6th & Spring St. _ Downtown LA


cardboard, never bored

For the latest Echo Park Time Bank Saturday Social, Doug Tiano tested his Cardboard Gladiator game.  Simple steps:

1.  find cardboard (on the sidewalk, or the dumpster behind IKEA)

2.  make some armor and fighting utensil

3.  grab some free packets of ketchup, punch a hole in it, and tape to armor

4.  grab some friends, or enemies.

5.  fight.  if your packet of ketchup bursts open, you’re out.

free, sustainable, fun, good ol’ community bonding time.

video provided by member Lenore Smith


EPTB Saturday Social

inaugural Saturday Social w/ The Echo Park Time Bank at Barnsdall Art Park. 



griffith park hike

Kristin B. helped to plan an Echo Park Time Bank hike through the back trails of Griffith Park.  Doug, Meredith, and Mr. Stamen came along.  We saw things, like houses with sections of their columns missing.  Or a christmas tree planted in the random vastness of the park.

Meredith foraged the rain saturate hills for edible plants.