king’s hawaiian

Genevieve and Kevin took Victoria and I out to dinner for our birthdays to King’s Hawaiian Restaurant (yes, like the bread) in Torrance.  But the entire block was shut due to a water main break.  Pity.  So then we drove to Hof’s Hut.  But fought the temptation and instead went to an okonomiyaki japanese restaurant.

How to make okonomiyaki.


may day 2011

may day afternoon celebration with Miss VV

proportions are deceptive when you put JIW and VV together.

asparagus sliver pizza by Miss KS.

sangria savvy.

Thank you Katie Wilson for usurping documentation duties.

urban flower picking by GK

project s’mores

osama buzzkill

more documentation from GS and David.  Dearest appreciation for friends.


brunch with kevin gen, popo’s 90th bday, bellevue

went over for brunch at kevin’s house with genevieve.  her aunt gave her some mad philipino food.  stuffed eggplant, with a fried egg.  gen and I were afforded a behind-the-scenes look into the making of a “stupid breakfast with kevin biggers” video blog.  production is quite extensive.  you can check it out here.  I then repotted some succulents on kevin’s patio.  one of my favorite things to do.

kevin brought out the brown sugar bacon and sea salt caramel ice cream from pazzo gelato.  and then he licked the container to mark his territory, make sure nobody would steal his decadent ice cream.

and then i biked to M&A for a meeting with christopher about a membership drive.  very interesting.  i think we want to take the drive in a non-traditional direction.  and more of a co-op.  thinking about it.  then i hopped on the gold line to monterey park with my bikey.  went to celebrate my grandma’s 90th bday!

the cake was large. and had taro in the middle.  between 2 layers of flakes, and 4 layers of cake.

for her birthday, popo gave us all red envelopes. 

we then ate a massive mountain of date buns

it was a special evening since the day before, my cousin in SF had JUST given birth to my grandma’s 2nd great-grand-daughter, on her birthday.  popo also acknowledged that this would probably be the last time that she visited America. 

went to victoria’s house afterwards, where her roommates were throwing a heck of a party. complete with a door-mate sized birthday cake.  which was from an asian bakery. how did i know?  because they spelled BITHDAY, and had to sneak in an “R”.  good cake though.

the kids played indoors.


silver lake farms, genevieve, isaac

victoria helped me over at the farm, sowing PEAS for microgreens!

gen is back in town, and brought with her a “sensibly portioned” costco bag of veggie chips, big enough to stuff a newborn baby in it.  had chicken adobo at victo’s followed by kevin’s graham cracker-strawberry jam-mochi creation. 

also went to have dinner #2 at isaac’s house in echo park with cesar.  isaac made a very good salmon on asparagus, butternut squash, and handmade whole wheat rolls courtesy mama watters, apricot salad. i love foods which manifest themselves distinctively through your digestive track ex: asparagus, beets.  we talked about isaac’s recent trip to uganda to scope out a site for a future orphanage complex.  isaac asked cesar and i to help out on some designs for a school.  looking forward.